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  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle26 February 2019

Telepractice for School-Based Speech and Language Services: A Workload Management Strategy

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle1 March 2016

Overcoming Barriers to Using Telehealth for Standardized Language Assessments

  • Perspectives on TelepracticeArticle1 September 2013

Working With Facilitators to Provide School-Based Speech and Language Intervention via Telepractice

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle15 August 2019

A Practical Guide to Establishing an Online Speech Therapy Private Practice

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle19 June 2019

Internet-Based Audiological Interventions: An Update for Clinicians

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle15 August 2019

Ethical Considerations for Client-Centered Telepractice

  • Perspectives on TelepracticeArticle1 March 2014

Teleaudiology Model Considerations

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle1 January 2017

A Clinical Decision Making Example: Implementing Intensive Speech Sound Intervention for School-Age Students Through Telepractice

  • Perspectives on TelepracticeArticle1 September 2013

Client Safety and Telepractice in a Clinic or Home Setting

  • SIG 18 TelepracticeArticle21 February 2020

Telepractice for Adult Speech-Language Pathology Services: A Systematic Review

  • SIG 3 Voice and Upper Airway DisordersArticle26 February 2019

Building a Successful Voice Telepractice Program

Additional Free Articles from the ASHA Journals

American Journal of Speech-Language PathologyArticle19 March 2020

Videoconference Administration of the Western Aphasia Battery–Revised: Feasibility and Validity


Before using telepractice to continue serving clients/patients/students during the COVID-19 pandemic, learn about key considerations, including coverage and payment issues.

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